Using Christmas Hashtags: A How-To Guide for 2023

Using Christmas Hashtags Improves Your Discoverability Considerably. 

Developing a social media strategy is important to help you launch and grow your camping brand and build your community online. 

In addition to creating great content, it’s also important to make sure you maximize the amount of reach on your posts. This is where hashtags can help. Hashtags can help your post get discovered by users who aren’t currently following you and your content. So now that you know what hashtags can do, let’s dive into hashtags, how to find them, and how to use Christmas hashtags this holiday season.

What’s a hashtag?

Simply put, a hashtag is a word or multiple words in a phrase that starts with the pound symbol (#). 

Hashtags are used in a very straightforward way. On social media, hashtags function to help organize and categorize topics so that people who are interested in that topic can click and see the most recent and top posts. Essentially, helping you reach more people and users who are more qualified.

Here are a couple of best practices to consider when using a hashtag. 

Hashtag basics-

  1. Don’t use spaces in your hashtag. Start with a pound symbol and the words you want to include, but don’t add a space. Words after the space won’t be included in the hashtag.
  2. Don’t use too many hashtags in one post. This can come across as spammy or overstepping. Use between 5-12 hashtags per post and focus on low and high competition words ( which we will discuss later).
  3. Research and plan our hashtags to make sure they are relevant to your post or page topic. Form your plan first and use panning tools and research to make your list. Then post your hashtags to your posts. They will always perform better if you’re well prepared. Also, make sure your account is public so that your posts will be included in the public list of content to be discovered.

Why care? What’s the benefit?

There are many reasons why you should care about finding great hashtags for your posts. For the additional time, you’ll spend finding relevant hashtags for your campground, you can increase your reach dramatically. 

The main benefit is more discoverability and reaches to your target audience. Christmas hashtags used on Instagram, Twitter, and other social networks can be a great beginner strategy to grow your audience, especially this holiday season when online usability rises and users engage with holiday hashtags more frequently.

Finding the best hashtags

There are multiple ways to discover and find great hashtags including tools, trends, and other online creators.

  1. Look at your competition. If a competitor or a page similar to yours is having success using specific keywords, you can try and model your hashtag strategy after theirs. 
  2. Look at your content. This sounds simple, but let your content help you write your hashtags. If you are showcasing your snowy campground in the winter, use hashtags that describe the content to your users.
  3. Use an online hashtag tool like One online tool we recommend is to find and research hashtags for Instagram and Twitter. This tool will allow you to enter your keywords and identify popularity and the trends. 

Low vs. high discoverability

We’re about to show you a list of hashtags that you can use, but before we go through the list, it’s important to learn the difference between low and high competitiveness hashtags and what they mean.

Low competition hashtags can be gold if you use them correctly. This means that a low amount of users are searching for these hashtags so the competition is low. The tradeoff with using this method is that it doesn’t help amplify your content as much, but you’ll have a better chance of being seen.

High-competition hashtags are usually common words and they are used a lot. Common examples might be #instagram, #summer, or #marketing. These are larger topics and the competitiveness is high which means more reach, but less chance of being seen.

If you’re familiar with keyword research and the importance of competition, hashtags work in much of the same way. Finding low competition hashtags with high reach can be the key to being successful, but it will take time and practice to find these gems.

Using Christmas Hashtags to improve your Discoverability 

As you may know, Christmas hashtags can be an important tool to use to help you get discovered and grow your brand.

Since we know you’ll be excited to share your favorite holiday content on social media and other brands will be sharing this content too. Would you like to capitalize on this growth?

Of course! Here’s a list of 5 great Christmas hashtags to expand your discoverability and growth this holiday season:

  1. #Christmas2021
  2. #SantaClaus
  3. #Nice List
  4. #SweaterWeather
  5. #HolidaysAreHere

Again, this is just a quick list to help give you inspiration on the type of hashtags you can use to be successful. Look at other holiday posts, online inspiration lists, and online tools to help you make your own 2021 holiday hashtag list.

Are you using hashtags for your social media this holiday season? If you’re not already, you should get started! This can be powerful for your brand and even more useful in 2021. Download our FREE checklist below.

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