Industry Event: Campground Owners Expo (COE)

Date: Nov. 30 – Dec. 3, 2022

Location: Branson, Missouri at the Hilton Branson Convention Center

Cost: $200

Category: In-Person Conference

About the Show:

The Campground Owners Expo (COE), owned by Severson & Associates, a Management, Training and Consulting firm, was formed to give campground owners numerous networking opportunities. Lori Severson, Owner of Severson & Associates and Bud Styer from Bud Styer Associates, Camping for the Fun of It, have successfully participated in hundreds of shows with a combined 50 years of industry, campground association, and trade show experience!

Our mission is to provide all campground owners with meeting space for their states, so they can:

  • Build a robust State association.
  • Learn about ARVC (the National Association).
  • Attend a first-class trade show and receive industry-specific education while enjoying a unique experience touring first-class backstage productions, learning about professionals who have built their businesses for many years.

The goal is always to improve the bottom line of your campground. We will help you make more money, avoid costly pitfalls, learn and grow through networking, introduce you to suppliers who have products you need, and have fun!

In these trying times we would like to give you the information and knowledge we have acquired for campgrounds around the USA. Whether you already have a State Association and need help growing it, or you don’t yet have an association in your State, participate in the COE and network with other campground owners who want to take their business to the next level! You’ll find an inviting environment with forward thinking campground owners just like you who are looking to improve their bottom line! We will help you grow your business.

Register Here:

Your $200 registration fee covers up to FIVE people from your park, access to two days of educational seminars, our exclusive “behind-the-scenes” events, dinner program Friday night of the event, and of course, the top-notch trade show!

Click the black button below to download a paper copy of the registration form to mail or fax in!

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