Branding for Campgrounds

Share Your Story With Branding & Graphic Design

Your campground’s brand represents who you are and what you stand for. And your logo is often the most recognizable part of your brand. 

If you don’t have a brand guide or logo yet, our team at Outdoor Alliances is ready to help.

Custom Graphic Design Services

The team at Outdoor Alliances works with you to develop a strong foundation for your brand. When creating your logo and brand messaging, you’ll decide what impressions and feelings your want to create about your campground.

The first step is your logo design. When choosing the colors, symbols, and messaging that represent your campground’s brand, your logo should be easy to recognize and stand out from your competitors.

Once you’ve decided on your logo, we’ll use the colors and design as the starting point for everything else we create for your campground’s branding.

It’s important to create standardized and consistent branding across all your marketing efforts. This includes your ads, website, and all social media platforms.  This consistency helps to build brand recognition and eliminates any confusion inconsistent branding could cause your guests.

After your logo is created, we work with you to get your graphics on point with unlimited design, concepts, and revisions. We’ll ensure your designs fit what you’re looking for and represent your brand in the best way possible.

Logos, brochures, park maps, and more!

After you are happy with your custom graphics and branding, you’ll receive the original design files to use when printing your logos, brochures, park maps, and other branded items for your campground or your guests. We also provide you with the support needed to make future edits and update your information.

Make changes to your design

Changing your logo or updating signage and other graphics is an important part of your park’s marketing efforts. We make redesign easy by matching your current branding and style, allowing you to customize your designs. Your visually represented designs will serve as a guide in the redesign process.

Working with us

Our graphic design services require an annual contract, with monthly payments available. This fee covers all services. You will not be charged additional fees for setup or redesigns.

Do you need a branding refresh?

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