How to Grow Your TikTok Followers in 2022

Explosive. That’s the one word to describe TikTok growth. Let’s talk about 5 Ways to Grow your TikTok followers in 2022.

There’s no doubt that you’ve heard something about TikTok followers and the number of users currently on the platform. According to Backlinko, it’s estimated that TikTok has an average of 1 Billion monthly users. And no doubt, your ideal customers are on the platform consuming content from other individuals and businesses that they enjoy. One of the core benefits of using the platform is that TikTok has a high user base and high organic reach, or in simple terms a high amount of people that will potentially see your content without having you have to pay for an advertisement. This means by learning the basics and beginning to post content, your campground or RV park can be exposed to hundreds or thousands of users- for free.

Whether you think you should be on the platform is ultimately a conversation for you and your business, and it’s a decision only you can make. But, if you’re interested in getting started on TikTok and you don’t know how to grow your TikTok followers, then this guide is for you.

The Basics of TikTok

In August 2018, TikTok’s rise to popularity began when the short-form video streaming and sharing app allowed users to create videos using current trends, music, and topics on a variety of topics, evolving from the previous version of the app- Muiscly. One key shift that has made TikTok more accessible and open to businesses, like campgrounds and RV parks, is the broad scope of content that can be created like challenges, funny videos, or niche-focused content like campsite and cabin tours.

The current popularity of TikTok is huge and it has become a dominant player on social media in 2022. As many businesses and campgrounds continue to take advantage of the growth on the platform, it will become harder for your business to stand out and grow.

How to Grow Your TikTok Followers in 2022:

1. Find your audience & target them

Understanding your audience and who you’re trying to target is key to figuring out before getting started creating content for TikTok or any other social media platform. Before you post and look at growing your TikTok followers, you should identify the age range, demographics, income level, and interests of your audience and start to understand what they enjoy and how to best market to them. This will help you grow and expand in the long term.

2. Use hashtags correctly

Hashtags function to help organize and categorize topics so that people who are interested in that topic can click and see the most recent and top posts. Essentially, helping you reach more people and users who are more qualified.

On TikTok, hashtags are important to use to show up in front of the right users and direct your content towards your target audience. Learn more about hashtags in-depth here.

3. Learn the current TikTok trends

Trends function differently on TikTok. Unlike other platforms, you can harness trends to explode your virality and get exposure to new users – which can convert you into new TikTok followers. Understanding the current trends is important and thankfully it’s easy to learn and understand how the trends work.

Watch a few videos from other creators whose videos performed well with the current trend. Once you feel like you understand how that trend works, include the music, hashtags, and other important pieces for that clip and go make your own version. Test and try different clips until you successfully create your own video incorporating the current TikTok trends.

4. Collaborate with other creators

This is one of our favorite tips to grow your TikTok followers- partner with other creators or people who already have content on TikTok that’s related to the outdoors, camping, or any topics that fit your brand and your business, like local attractions and points of interest.

By collaborating with these other creators you can use their audience to help grow your own page and they might even help you learn the platform on a deeper level to help you improve and succeed.

5. Engage in other posts

Follow other TikTok creators and accounts that talk about TikTok growth. Learn from the experts what’s working on the platform and apply that knowledge to your own page. Also, find accounts that are similar to your page or other pages your audience currently follows and engage with their content with likes and comments. Build relationships with their audience and over time you will begin to grow your TikTok followers.

The best tip- Be Creative & Make Great Content

TikTok gives your brand a place to show its fun and creative side and create behind-the-scenes content and explore new trends that would make it difficult on other platforms. Use this to your advantage and create content that’s unique to your camping brand and what you stand for. Be creative and ask your staff to join in on the fun. Make funny dance videos, share the behind-the-scenes prep for a big event, and your team’s goofy antics in the Rec Center.

Be authentic and share what’s really happening at your park to help your customers connect with you and build deeper relationships. Continue to make and create different types of videos and content that fit with the current trends, but don’t forget to remain true to your personality, brand, and what your park is all about. By staying creative and optimizing your page you will be able to grow your TikTok followers in 2022.

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