How to Start & Grow a Camping Brand

Starting your Camping Brand is important.

Figure Out Your Values, What You Stand For & What Makes You Unique

So you’re ready to get started. You’re eager and ready to jump into building your camping brand, designing your logo, refining your messaging, and start sharing it with your customers. However, it might be wise to slow down and consider the following.

It’s important to develop a customer-first strategy and figure out what you stand for and what makes you unique. Your values will help you establish the mission and vision of your campground, which will help you create your overall brand identity.

Consider the following six questions when putting together your campgrounds list of values:

-What do you offer that makes your campground stand out from your competitors?

-What values keep showing up in your business?

-What makes you feel fulfilled? What values do you want your customers to know about your business?

-What type of values do you want to support at your campground?

-What inspired you to start (or purchase) your campground?

-What do you do better than anyone else?

Write down a list of your ideas and start forming your ideal brand image using the list you’ve created. Prioritize what’s most important and the things that will matter most. Becoming self-aware can help you refocus on your mission and develop the things that are truly important for your future success.

Create Your Logo & Brand Messaging

When creating your logo and brand messaging, consider what sort of feeling you’re trying to convey. It’s important to create standardized, consistent branding across your advertisements and other online platforms like your website and social media pages. This can help eliminate confusion and lost reservations because customers do not recognize your brand and what you stand for. 

Choose colors, symbols, and messaging that represent you and your brand, but be sure it stands out from your competitors. A consistent brand that’s easy to recognize will help you build trust and your brand will start to attract more attention.

Drive Traffic & Get Your Brand Exposed

Once your brand is created, you need to drive traffic to your website and social media pages in order to help convert your visitors into loyal customers. Optimizing your site for popular search terms and creating good content will help get your brand exposed online. Search engines and optimizing your website for search might take time- so it’s important to drive targeted traffic to your social media pages, build out your email list, and start securing new reservations on your reservations page. Over time, you’ll continue to get more exposure for your camping brand. Just keep in mind that your brand is an investment and it will take time to execute.

Build Trust & Grow a Loyal Following for Your Camping Brand

Businesses are built by providing value to your customers and establishing trust through long-lasting relationships. Your brand is no different. No matter how well-designed your logo is, you have to create trust and back up your brand with great products and exceptional customer service. 

As your loyal following grows, it’s important to ask your customers to leave positive reviews online to enhance your brand and reputation. Think about when you’re browsing online and looking for great businesses to support. You’re more likely to support businesses that provide great services with a reputable brand that people trust. Make sure your branding is consistent and you’re using the right colors, fonts, and icons to showcase your values and what you stand for. 

Refine Your Messaging & Stay Focused

Over time, your messaging, service offerings, and even your core business might change to adapt to changing environments and positions.

In order to outperform your competition, you should focus on your brand first. This is what will help customers remember you and separate you from others. This includes your logo designs, marketing efforts online, and standardizing your offerings across different platforms. Outperforming your competition is difficult but it starts with the right people, great service, and an easy to recognize brand.

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