Google Ads for Campgrounds

Promote Your Campground & RV Park With Ads

Use Google Ads services to promote and fill your campground or RV park. Our services include setting up your online ads and managing your campaigns.

Why Google Ads for RV Parks?

Using Google Ads is one of the best ways to get your campground or RV Park to show up at the top of the page in your customer’s online searches.

What does that mean? Let’s say your RV park is in Pigeon Forge, TN. This area has a lot of RV parks and campgrounds. If your website isn’t performing well enough to show near the top of the search results, a Google Ad with intent-based keywords can help. 

Intent-based keyword? Keywords are the words your prospects type into the Google search box. You want your keyword to match the most-likely words used in their searches. When targeted properly, Google Ads can generate new leads, track conversions, and fill your park with happy campers!

Using Google Ads on your own can be difficult, time-consuming, and a waste of your money.  Our team at Outdoor Alliances can help you get the best return on your advertising dollars. Marketing campgrounds is our specialty. 

How does your pricing work?

There is a one-time charge for the setup fee. Setup includes keyword research to find the best words that target your RV park. Also included is writing your Google Ads and setting up your campaigns. Then, we’ll work with you monthly to maximize your budget and get conversions. Your park’s Google Ads can be up and running in about a day or two.

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