Email Marketing for Campgrounds

Strengthen Guest Relations Through Emails

The emails you send your guests do more than confirm their stay. They build relationships that result in repeat reservations and referrals. We can help you stay in touch with a full-service email marking plan. 

The Benefits of Email Marketing for RV Parks & Campgrounds

Start building a relationship with your guest immediately after they make a reservation. Sending reservation confirmation emails and reminder emails with helpful information lets them experience your park’s hospitality before they arrive. 

Be sure to include a thank you email after they check out, letting them know you appreciate their business. Consider including a request for a Google review in the email.

Your email marketing shouldn’t stop there. Keeping that connection between your campground and your guests builds your relationship, creating loyalty that can lead to repeat reservations and referrals.

Stay connected with Email Marketing

Emails are used to stay connected to your guests in several different ways.

A monthly e-newsletter with updates about your RV park, upcoming events in the area, and helpful tips or recipes will retain the relationship with your guests.

Consider emailing prior guests before the new season to let them know when reservations open. Consider offering them an exclusive early bird discount.

If your resort is open year-round, send your email list reminders to book early for your busy season. Be sure that each email you send has a clear purpose and includes an action step for your reader. 

Managing Your Email Marketing

Setting up your email marketing doesn’t have to be time-consuming and complicated. Outdoor Alliances can get you set up, manage your lists, and send your emails based on the event and timing you select.

You can provide the email content or let us do it for you under our full-service plan. You also decide how often your emails are sent, and, using our audience segmentation feature, you can send different emails to your list based on behavioral characteristics.

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